Why Biogas?

Fossil enery sources are limited - becoming ever scarcer over time, their prices can only go up in the medium and long term.

The alternative to fossil fuel are renewable energy sources such as organic waste, which can be converted into biogas and green energy in our biogas plants. Not only are there generous feed-in tariffs for electricity from renewable sources, often producers of organic waste even need to pay to have that waste disposed of - for instance in a biogas plant.

By-products from food processing plants, food and kitchen waste, unsold food from supermarkets - they can all feed a biogas plant (after hygienisation, where required) and can be converted into biogas or biomethane, and by-products which can be used as liquid or dry fertilizer.

Our biogas plants help the environment by producing electricity and heat from non-fossil energy sources, and they help their owners by making them independent from rising energy prices or allowing them to benefit from attractive, state-guaranteed feed-in tariffs for electricity, biomethane, or heat.