A market of 25 billion Euros / year offers perfect growth opportunities

Even conservative growth and a market share of only 0.5% for fillers result in high profit margins.

Our Markets

Disposal and inertisation of fly ash

Operators of (waste) incineration plants are a customer group which currently have to dispose of fly ash produced in the plants against high fees in underground storage facilities, mainly due to its heavy metal content and other pollutants.

Additives for the plastics industry

Customers for additives produced from fly ash are all market participants worldwide, who today produce flame retardants or use them in products or intermediates, as well as those who use or produce fillers such as talcum or calcium carbonate, which increase strength or hardness.

The areas of application for both product groups are mainly in the plastics and elastomer industry, in the paint, varnish and coating industry, as well as in rubber and ceramic manufacturing.


Competitors are disposal companies that deposit fly ash, if necessary after "stabilization" with cement, above or below ground. Due to the unique added value, the desired amount of fly ash on the market can probably be easily acquired through competitive pricing.

Unique Selling Points for a profitable and innovative business model

Innovation - supported by the EU

The development of the technology was funded by the EU under two successive LIFE projects with a total project volume of over €3.3 million.

Innovation - field-proven

COSMOS Fenix® is the only proven technology that allows fly ashes from waste incineration plants to be inertised so that they can be sold as a high-quality additives, which, for example, give plastic products increased strength and/or flame-retardant properties, and can thus be returned to the economic cycle.

COSMOS Fenix is, disruptive and highly profitable, a perfect example of circular economy. The technical and economic feasibility has been proven in recent years, as part of two EU-LIFE projects in two pilot plants, and also on an industrial scale by temporarily adapting the operation of an existing fly ash treatment plant.

Innovation - with unbeatable economic efficiency and environmental benefits

The use of COSMOS Fénix® achieves an extraordinarily high economic efficiency, which leads to a higher competitiveness, both on the input side (fly ash) and the output side (e. g. plastics industry) which is practically unassailable. The technology solves a waste disposal problem in an environmentally friendly way and at the same time provides, for instance, the plastics industry with a cost-effective and EU-made additive, which replaces other products which are more expensive, mostly imported from outside the EU and in many cases even harmful to health and the environment.