Business Activities

Aleia Holding AG and its subsidiaries are creating value by developing and implementing alternative investment projects, primarily to generate clean and affordable energy from renewable sources and to convert waste into valuable resources.

In some projects proprietary technologies are applied which were developed or refined in-house, in other cases the company secures the rights to use specialised technologies developed by third parties, or relies on proven technologies available on the market.

Aleia Holding at a Glance

Established 2009
Fiscal year calendar year
Accounting HGB
Share capital 18,554,000.00 EUR
Number of shares 18,554,000
Aktiengattung bearer stock
Executive Board Dr. Dirk Neupert, CEO
  Christoph Harks, CFO
Supervisory Board Marco Romswinkel, chairman
  Thomas Nettesheim, vice-chairman
  Dr. Tatjana Hancke
First Listing January 3rd, 2011
ISIN DE 000 A16 129 1
WKN A16 129
Stock exchange Hanseatische Wertpapierbörse Hamburg, Germany
Ticker symbol EBGK