Biogas Upgrading with Membrane Technology

Membranes are an innovative and powerful technology to upgrading biogas to biomethane, which has the same caharcteristics as (fossil) natural gas.

Production of biomethane and its injection into the gas network makes biogas plants even more efficient, and more friendly to the environment, than on-site generation of electricity with a gas engine (CHP). The existing gas network can be used to transport the biomethane to locations where both electricity and heat can be fully used (which often is not the case at the site of the biogas plant).

Reliable, flexible, and easy to operate

An two or three stage process is used to upgrade biogas to biomethane, which is comparable to natural gas from fossil sources. A membrane-based upgrading plant requires very little operating effort and maintanance, as hardly any moving parts are used in the process. Its compact, containerized design and the easily replaceable membranes modules makes a AleiaBioMethane unit a natural extension for eny biogas plant.

Award-winning technology

The first membrane-based biogas upgrading plant in Kißlegg, Germany, was awarded an innovation award from the Germen Energy Agency (Deutschen Energie-Agentur, dena) in 2010.