Biogas Plants Processing Organic Waste

We focus predominantly on the development and construction of biogas plants, in which various types of organic residues serve as substrates: for example, food waste, slaughterhouse waste, bakery waste. Anyway, no energy crops shall be used to operate a biogas plant.


Our plants include so-called farm-size plants, on which we had specialized in recent years. These are small plants, which were fed with manure (slurry and manure that is) coming from one single farm. The output of such farm-size plants generally ranges between 75kW and 250kW electric power.


The German biogas market has for long time relied almost exclusively on biogas plants operating using energy crops. This market has come in recent years to a virtual standstill, firstly as a result of various amendments to the EEG, and secondly because now so many biogas plants have been built that new acreage for corn encounters significant acceptance problems among the population and authorities.