"ALEIA compact" line

High Performance on a Small Footprint

With an ALEIA compact biogas plant you can become your own energy supplier. You determine the price for your energy today and for years to come.

ALEIA compact is one of the most compact biogas plants around. The individual components can be put together depending on your needs and requirements. Due to their modular design, plant capacity can easily be increased by adding more digesters. All modules comply with applicable industry standards. Smooth and low-maintenance operation is thus acieved at all times.

Maximum operating safety

Our biogas plants are highly reliable and require little operating and maintenance effort due to the high degree of automation . Modern technology ensures the process stability and allows a maximum biogas yield from different substrates.

ALEIA digesters operate in the thermophilic range at over 50 degrees Celsius . This unique process uses the high performance of the thermophilic bacteria for digestion and works in two stages with an upstream hydrolysis. Thus the biogas yield is further increased.The high temperatures at the same time guarantee the safety of the remaining digestate for a reliable further utilization.

Sanitization included - recycle your biowaste profitably

In ALEIA compact systems, vegetable waste such as waste grease, food leftovers or glycerin can be usefully employed for the production of biogas. Thanks to their special process design and the high temperatures, thermophilic fermentation is now also approved for the treatment of biowaste without sanitation since the amendment of the German Biowaste Ordinance (BioAbfV) of 2012. This means that  ALEIA compact system offers sanitization as an intrinsic process feature.

Water protection

On the topic of water protection, too, ALEIA compact is the leading design. Since the biogas plant is almost completely built above ground, it is ensured that leakage of the digester can be detected and eliminated immediately. The bottom part of the digester is double-walled, thereby preventing any leakage of substrate.