We buy biogas plants to make them fit for the future

We buy biogas plants throughout Germany at attractive conditions to modernise and upgrade them, so that we can operate them profitably for years to come.

Specifically, we are looking for privileged as well as non-privileged biogas plants from 500 kW upwards throughout Germany, in certain cases also smaller plants. The plant manufacturer or the technology is not decisive for us. Biogas plants that are up for sale due to closure, generation change or insolvency are also eligible for takeover.

Through targeted modernisation investments and a new operating concept, we can upgrade "distressed" biogas plants or plants whose continued operation is not ensured for economic or other reasons, so that they can be operated prfitably without the use of maize or other energy crops even after the expiry of subsidized EEG feed-in-tariffs.

In this way, we make an important contribution to the energy turnaround and to protecting the climate, since slurry and solid manure as well as the fermentation products from these plants are converted energy and marketable products instead of being spread untreated on fields, thus endangering the groundwater and the climate.

We are also happy to discuss ways of involving the previous owner of the plant, for example in the operation and management of the plant, or the supply of feedstock.

Contact us: webuy(at)aleia.ag.