Ground-mounted solar farms

Ground-mounted solar farms offer an excellent opportunity to generate renewable energy from the sun and thus contribute to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.

The clear focus here is on areas that are already sealed, conversion areas and and only to a very limited extent on lower quality agricultural land. In particular, on suitable land along highways and railroads that cannot be used for agricultural or other purposes, ground-mounted solar farms offer great potential without increasing the pressure on agricultural land.

Building solar farms along highways and railroads can help protect the region's nature and landscape while providing a sustainable energy supply.

Considering the expansion targets of the German government, it can be stated that the installed capacity in the solar sector must almost triple (2021 approx. 59 GW, target for 2030: 215 GW), if one wants to achieve the set target of 80% coverage of demand from renewable energies by 2030 and climate-neutral electricity production by 2035.

ME Müritzer Energie AG, a subsidiary of Aleia Holding AG, wants to make an important contribution to the energy transition and seize the opportunity that presents itself. Therefore, the company has successfully started to develop and project open space solar parks, especially in its home region Mecklenburg Lake District, and will rapidly expand this business area.